Sunday, July 22, 2007

Goodnight-Gracie Podcast #1-Flummoxed and in Error


I decided to do a weekly podcast which will be posted henceforth on Sundays. I have not worked out the intricacies of posting or hosting podcasts so for a while this will be a bit rough, and jury-rigged; a bit by the skin of my teeth. If you have any questions, corrections, ideas, or requests for the podcasts, I can be reached by email at After today's, each podcast will have a theme, starting with next week's country podcast. They are short, so give a listen. This one has no central theme. Please click on the link below.

  • Goodnight-Gracie Podcast #1-Flummoxed and in Error

  • Podcast #1 Playlist

    Lookin' For Boys-The Pin-Ups
    Egyptian Shumba-The Tammys
    He Hit Me (And it Felt Like a Kiss)-The Crystals
    The Red Door-The Aisler's Set
    Sister Ann-The Gories
    Jack the Ripper-Link Wray
    Like Flies on Sherbert-Alex Chilton
    Believe What You Say-Rick Nelson
    If Only You Were Lonely-The Replacements



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